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Interviewing Itzhak Ayalon.

CEO & Co-Founder

 Could you please introduce yourself in few words?

Itzhak Ayalon:

“I hold Comprehensive managerial skills, planning, executing business ventures as well as managing turnkey projects of the global arena. For 10 years I served as the Director General of the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens of the Hebrew University. I was overseeing strategic areas including programming and management operations and identifying areas for divisional action and/or decision. For three years I was a member of  the “National Council for Environmental Affair” in Israel and member of the sustainable development advisory board. During six years I served as technical advisor and director at USAID for agriculture development projects in Egypt and Morocco.

I am an expert in performing business planning and feasibility studies for developmental projects in over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, South America, and Central America as well as former Soviet Union Countries. In a nutshell, I am a farmer, and an International farming professional.”

How come you want to grow cannabis in your land?

For a long time, I have been aware of the medical properties of the Marijuana plant, so once I learned about the Cannabis reform of the government and Ministry of Health, I decided to apply for a license to propagate and produce medical cannabis for the benefits of all.”

What is the legal context for medical cannabis now in Israel ?

“There are 4 stages in the handling of medical cannabis; the first stage is the nursery for breeding and propagation, second is the production of flowers. These two stages require obtention of GAP standard (Good Agricultural Practices). Only an individual over the age of 25, with no criminal record and having land and water rights can apply for the license permitting the handling of these stages.

The third stage is a processing and manufacturing license, which also requires to pass GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices). Finally the fourth license is distribution for which one must also obtain the GDP Standard (Good Distribution Practices). All four practices/licenses have to attain the level of the GSP standard which is the Security or Good Security Practices.”

Which countries will you work with?

“Over the years I have worked and developed agricultural projects in many countries. I have planned and designed more than 10 medical cannabis farms in Israel, Europe and Africa. Now, I aim to harness my experience and knowledge for Cann Edenn in order to develop medical cannabis operations in Europe, US and Africa.”

This being a new market, we have heard of quality problems. How will you ensure the best quality?

“Using GAP standards and rigorously following all of the requirements along with highly precise agricultural methods will ensure high quality.”

Do you have the required licenses?

“Yes, at this point, we hold the two production licenses in nursery and production. The GSP protocol for security has just been approved.”

In term of securities, what have you planned?

“The security has several layers. The first layer consists of a peripheral fence measuring 2.5-meters-high of which 80 centimeters are buried in the ground and equipped with electric gates. The second provision is an alarm system connected to the nearest police station. The third layer consists of the cameras and sensors fitted all along the fence and in the main building as well the high lamp posts illuminating the fence that are placed every 24 meters. Finally, the products are in an impenetrable built in vault. Most importantly we have planned for this purpose a  team of 16 people dedicated to the security”.

What is your expansion project for the 5 next years?

“We plan to launch the first phase on 2 hectares and in the next five years to develop all 10 hectares in Moshav Yashresh. We also plan to produce cannabis oil from our production. We plan to apply and develop the rest of the value chain here in Israel and abroad, by being involved in the different medical, cosmetics, and food and beverage industries.”

What are the main characteristics and strengths of Cann Edenn?

“Our high-tech greenhouses provide a temperature-controlled environment for optimal production. These enable us to carry out at least 4 production cycles per year. Production greenhouses will include a nursery area dedicated to parent plants and propagation activities. The oil extraction facility is equipped to produce CBD oil for local distribution and export. A globally experienced operating management team will oversee the various facilities and ensure quality control and brand consistency across all products. Our project is based on a very high-quality production while aiming at very efficient production costs, which is the result of an expertise of over 40 years. This efficiency will allow us to be profitable even if prices fall sharply.”

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